The Secret of Crowdfunding That No One Is Talking About


Crowdfunding Explained

Crowdfunding is really simple. You have an idea or business that you think would work great but you do not have the financial means to get it started. Where do you go? Do you go to a bank and see if you can get a business loan where you will have to leverage everything you have for an idea that may or may not work? Do you mortgage your house to the hilt to risk it all? Do you use that money lender who charges 10% plus points and will take everything you own if you don’t pay? Not in this day and age. What you do is run a promotion on a crowdfunding platform.

Sounds too easy to be true right? Take for example a UPS delivery guy in NewYork who’s sister ran into some crazy medical bills. She needed $150,000.00 to pay all the bills to save her life. He had no idea how he could help until he was talking to one of his clients (who happened to be an internet superstar and genius). Right then and there they went over to his computer and set up a social crowdfunding campaign and raised $156,000.000 in one week! This is not a joke. They actually had to shut the campaign off so they didn’t go over the amount. This is all because of crowdfunding!

Top Choices of Crowdfunding

Today, crowdfunding is chiefly synonymous with Kickstarter as it is one of the first and one of the biggest around. Next would be GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, SmashFund, and a host of other.

Crowdfunding has altered the game in regards to raising startup capital. There is a variety of ways crowdfunding can negatively affect the venture development landscape. Equity-based crowdfunding, nevertheless, is a completely different animal altogether, and frankly, a whole lot more exciting.

Crowdfunding is another easy idea where people come with each other to fund particular projects. Crowdfunding was used to support several activities like disaster relief, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, start-up businesses, movies, and totally free software development. Crowdfunding requires a lot of people who want to make big in a brief time period. Crowdfunding is a good approach to jump-start a company or idea. While crowdfunding has a high number of advantages, there are a few disadvantages too. Donation-based crowdfunding is really easy.

Investors will probably face competition from professional landlords and might need to take care of rogue tenants and maintenance troubles. It is sometimes an outstanding way to gain investors for a little business seeking to expand. In reality if interested, the investors ought to be vigilant when picking the projects. After you have enough investors, you’ve got enough money. More than only a personal trust or conviction, potential investors have to be coaxed and convinced that there’s some true price or credibility in your goods and services. The typical individual investor underperforms the industry index by1.5% annually.

Funds can be pooled with each other to get a more costlier, pricier project or property, which might offer much better returns. There are various venture capital funds that are prepared to put money into Startups. The only means you could get rid of money is whenever the stock exchange is performing catastrophically badly. Crowdfunding shouldn’t be employed to raise general operating dollars as an issue of practice. According to SmashFund Facebook, they actually like to help you raise personal funds if that is what you need. 

1 thought you have to dispel from your mind while you begin a crowdfunding campaign is you will receive all the funds you desire each day or two. There are tons of ways for a little business to obtain funding, each with their own special advantages. You’re going to get the chance to work with an extensive number of people and in a variety of ventures. Obviously, an individual can observe the tremendous potential of crowdfunding.


Security Is Needed In A Marketing World

Security Concerns during refugee influx

Open border and refugee influx effect on the country and security. When a country has an open border, it means that its boundaries have no restrictions. People can move in and out different jurisdictions without having to follow some rules or laws. A border can open intentionally by legislation or because of lack of enough enforcement and supervision. This term applies only to movement of people but not goods and services. Refugees are individuals who are out of their country’s nationality and are not able to go back due to fear of being persecuted. Persecution is done due to differences in race, tribe, political opinions or religion.

There can be a border that is conditionally open and one that is controlled. A temporarily open border allows people to move across borders that meet certain conditions only. This particular condition is normally set through an international law or agreement. Those people who claim that they want to cross to certain jurisdiction are required by the law to submit a claim showing clearly why they meet this special condition for entry. They then can be detained or released as their claim is undergoing processing. After it is allowed effort is put so that the conditional border cannot become fully open. On the other hand a controlled border requires people to obtain a visa or other times allows for visa-free periods of traveling. What a person can do is what is limited to migration. Documentation is done for tracking and following up purpose.

When people have moved into another country, a lot is expected. Here I will discuss the outcomes we get after the migration has taken place. Refugees and people who use open borders to get into new jurisdiction can have an effect on different people and thing. The discussion here is majorly concerned about its impact on a country and the security. A country can benefit or lose by allowing this. Security of the citizens can be improved or become a disaster compared with the times they were not there. Jordan from Principle Northwest Security, comments: “This really needs to be taken seriously!”

It reduces world poverty. For instance, when people migrate from developing countries to already developed countries, they end up earning higher wages. This boosts their standards of living. They can then send to their relatives or loved one’s remittances. The remittances are estimated to be three times global foreign aid spending. The standard of living for these people is also improved.

It increases the country’s gross national product. This is because the incomes that earned the people are added up as foreign income. It also increases the gross world product with can, in turn, double the world’s domestic product.

Free movement of people across borders compliments the right to free movement. Everybody should be free to move in and out of any country that he or she wishes without restrictions. Restricting people is unethical. There is no reason why we should treat people differently just because they come from different countries. Migration helps increase trade globally and minimizes wars among the various nations. Security is thus improved all over the nation.

Open borders also bring about negative effects into a country. Below is some of the effects experienced.

  1. It increases a country’s population. Countries with high populations naturally, might dispose of their excess population into another country. This can also happen with the countries with high birth rates. When borders are controlled responsible policies concerning birth rate and population are encourages.
  2. It is a threat to safety and security. This happens after the migration process has already occurred. People begin to realize their differences, and fights begin. Others might start claiming lands and many other issues.
  3. Large scale migration due to lack of border restrictions can lead to infrastructure deficit. The existing roads, schools, hospitals or building become insufficient for the large population. This affects a country and its government. Government spending is increased at a high rate.
  4. It leads to demographic changes. This is especially when the migration involves a large number of people. The demographic changes lead to shifts in the political power structures of a country. The structure favors new demographic and not the already existing people of a country.

All in all, refugee influx has brought about a lot of benefits. The major advantage is an economic boost. If all the immigrants are absorbed into the job market, then this effect will felt immediately. In the long run, the country’s gross domestic product will increase. A lot more improvements will be experienced. This is because the state will receive higher revenues and thus will be able to provide public services with ease. This also affects businesses in the security industry. Jordan Showers mentions that his security cameras Portland market has increased due to people being leery of foreigners moving in their areas.  

Refugee influx can affect the security of a country either positively or negatively. This will depend on the refugees’ attitude. There are those who are willing to work and are peaceful. These ones can boost the country’s security by creating a friendly atmosphere for trade and growth. The other kind of refugees is those that bring along their wars and differences to the countries they move into. They will hinder growth and bring about wars. In the long run, their country of origin might begin to fight the new country. If that is the case, the security of a country is threatened. The economy is affected due to high costs incurred during the wars.

To avoid the negative effects of open borders and refugees influx, the migrants should be highly monitored. Such that those who are just a burden to a country can be sent back leaving the productive ones.  

The New Economy – Mobile Apps And Crowdfunding

Experts estimate that in the last 10 years we have seen more inventions and technologies that will dramatically change our lives than the previous 100. As technology improves the speed at which increases until we reach what some call the singularity. To some in the tech world, this is the foregone conclusion that eventually man will merge with machine and become a super power. Personally, I don’t buy into all that, but I do know that dramatic changes are afoot. In the last few years, technologies like Uber have totally revolutionized the transportation sector.

In the past, cab drivers were the primary mode of paid transportation and essentially had a lock on the market. When smartphone use becomes more commonplace, applications began revolutionizing the way we connect with one another. The Uber app essentially turns anyone with a working vehicle into a part or full-time cab driver. The way it works is you simply click on your Uber application saying you are available for pickups, people see you on the map, and if you are in their area they can choose to have you pick them up for a ride. A single smartphone app forever devastated the cab industry and will eventually lead to their demise.

crowdfundingThe crowdfunding space is set to experience a similar transformation as new platforms like SmashFund, promise to revolutionize the industry by combining the best aspects of social media and revenue generation. This new system allows users to create a social profile similar to Facebook, raise money like Go Fund Me, and make passive income by promoting the product. According to the experts, SmashFund has the real possibility of revolutionizing the way we raise and make money online. Travel websites like Air BNB have done the same for the hotel industry. Instead of millions of bedrooms, apartments, and houses sitting vacant around the United States, Air BNB connects tenants with potential renters for a fraction of the cost it would be for a hotel. At the same time, one of the biggest things people do on their smartphones is play video games. Games like Candy Crusher developed by a man named Rob Towles has millions of people per day clicking around their cell phone for no apparent reason. In fact, people will even pay money for online pixels, badges, rankings and more.

These new technologies are changing the way we interact with the world so dramatically that we might not recognize it in the next few years. If the rate of growth continues to increase then the majority of our jobs could be replaced by robots in the next 20 years. Many great philosophers over the years have repeated the quote that the only thing constant in this universe is change. Those that can most easily adapt to the change will prosper, while those who refuse to be changed will end up being left behind. Personally, I see the rate of growth and can only wonder how humanity will make it through this period of dramatic transformation. Then again, humanity has gone through great periods of change in the past and always seems to find a way to carry on. What is the future destiny of humanity? Are we destined to go to the stars or stay put on earth and live a sustainable lifestyle? Nobody really knows for sure, but I can tell you at the current trajectory it appears we are shooting for the stars. My biggest hope is that we can direct technology to be used for good instead of our own destruction. If humanity can harness technology properly, our destiny is limitless, and it’s very possible that we could be living on space colonies on the moon within the next 100 years. CEO Rob Towles believes that anything in this life is possible!

Marketing Using Law Of Attraction Tips And Tricks

law of attraction marketing

So how can I use The Law Of Attraction for marketing?

Lets start by taking a look at the law of attraction in general and then I will let you make your own decision.

So how do you feel about your life?  For most, this is a sore subject and filled with regret for people around the world.  Very few people recognize their true potential and even fewer go out there and achieve it.  I wake everyday with a burning desire to reach my biggest and loftiest goals.  I want to live a life so great, so full, that I can look back with pride about the life I have accomplished.  The truth is living a great life isn’t necessarily what you do on an external level, but more of what goes on inside your mind.  When most people envision their life, they think of certain accomplishments that they have achieved throughout their years on earth.  These accomplishments and experiences are important but the mindset your in is even more important.  For some, helping other people no matter how small is the greatest feeling in the world.  For others who see their potential very high, they must accomplished huge things before they truly feel fulfilled.  At the same time, there’s people out there who accomplish incredible things throughout there life but never feel fulfilled by it. 

51ShA+iKrqL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_What’s the point of changing the world if your not going to enjoy the process?  I have done deep research on the subjects of wealth, health, and happiness and have come to the strong belief that the biggest determining factor is your mindset.  Many billionaires have attributed their large accumulation of wealth to the secret law of attraction and a drive to do it.  Cultures around the world including certain Indian cultures attribute good health to the mind and thinking good thoughts.  Author James Allen wrote a little book called
As a Man Thinketh that makes a compelling case for the fact that all human results are achieved through the process of positive thinking.  In fact, the takes it a step further and explains how your mind is actually creating your entire reality. 

Think of it this way, if your thinking about disease and sickness all the time your sub-conscious mind seems to have a way to manifest that into reality.  On the other hand, I know people who eat terrible but have a strong mindset that they will always be healthy and sure enough they have.  Now I’m not saying this is any substitute for a proper diet and physical activity, but the combination of the two plus adding a positive mindset will take you far. 

Finally, we get to the subject of happiness which I believe is the biggest factor one can judge whether or not they lived a good life.  If you lived a lifestyle in which you were happy, helped others, and feel as if you accomplished a worthy goal then you have succeeded.  Success comes in many forms and in Western Society we have mistakenly equated accumulation of money as success.  The problem with this theory is most of the richest people in the world are very unhappy and usually die young and alone.  What greater riches is there in life besides knowing that people love and care about you?  The secret to a great life starts and ends with having a great mindset. 

Unfortunately, some mistake a great mindset with one that is naive an oblivious to the world around them.  Instead, one should be engaged, active, and interested in the world we live in.  If one see’s an injustice or other wrong being committed then it’s our responsibility to seek justice.  The beauty of when one seeks to have a positive mindset is that everything just starts falling into place.  I have seen this many times in my life where things come together when your moving in harmony with the universe.  Those who move out of harmony will achieve for a while, but eventually will fail.  There are certain laws that govern reality, some call this the law of attraction.  This unwritten universal law is what all life on this earth is predicated on.  If you take it to a deeper level you could say that the entire earth is based on a vibration and there’s actually no solidity here at all.  In fact, the hologram theory is popular belief that there’s is no solid object in the universe and it’s simply different vibrations interacting with each other.  The scariest part about this theory is that newly found scientific discoveries are leading many to believe this is actually the reality we live. 

In conclusion, whether it’s a vibration or a law the universe bends to those who live well.  By thinking positive thoughts we can not only live a great life, but help others along the way. Be sure to take some time and learn the secret law of attraction for yourself!

The Best Portland Oregon Marketing Agencies We Have Found

By Michelle Madrigal

As a marketing blog, we would like to go over the best marketing agencies we have found in Portland Oregon which is where we live, so it just make sense. At the top of our list is Oregon Web Solutions. Now you may ask why we are promoting a random marketing company? Well, we use them! I don’t want to beat around the bush with it, but they help us and give us a great experience so why not share that good with others right?

Let me give you an introduction:

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO, was founded by Matt and Seth who are life long Oregon residents. They grew up in the “computer generation” and have always dabbled in online marketing for about 15 years. After go through extensive training from some of the worlds best search engine marketers, they formed Oregon Web Solutions. In a matter of 10 months they had proven themselves to be more proficient in marketing and online rankings then companies in the area that had been around for 15 years. That has got to be humbling for those companies! They are also friendly and easy to work with.

Here is one of their videos:

How did we find them:

People tend to make finding a great marketing company harder than it needs to be. In our case, we Googled our area and what we wanted “Portland SEO” and then looked at the results. The best will show up first as that is their job. Surprisingly to readers, Oregon Web was not number 1, they were number 2. Why did we chose them you might ask, they answered their phone (personally) They lived in Oregon (unlike a lot of other companies) and it just felt right. Honestly any of the top 3 were probably a safe bet. Outside of the top 3 you might save money, but will you get results? I din’t want to question that one.

The process:

Basically, after we decided, we got in contact with Seth, filled out their discovery form, signed an agreement,  then filled out an intake form with all the necessary information they need to start helping and ranking us for the terms we really wanted to bring in more new traffic for our product. After that we got daily updates of rankings for the terms we wanted.

Pros and Cons:

Even though we work with them, there is always good and bad so lets take a look.


  • They can rank anything! They really are that good.
  • They are honest! I personally appreciate this one.
  • They Do what they say.
  • They are fair. They tend to go above and beyond for us in what they deliver!
  • They get results. In the end, this is what matters most.
  • They are real! If I ever have a question I talk straight to Seth and have even met them in person.


  • Not inexpensive! With quality comes cost, they may not be for everyone.
  • They are busy! You may not even get a chance to work with they as they limit their clients to keep quality.


The point is that we are really happy with our decision. This is not always the case, but rather than share a horror story, we wanted to give out some positivity. Thank you Oregon Web Solutions! I do want to make a quick mention that you can also find them simply by searching google for Lake Oswego SEO or with their contact information below:

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO
1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 563-3028

If This Guy Can Make Money Marketing, So Can You!

This Guy Makes Money Online?!

I have to put this up to show that anyone can make money online, so dion’t get discouraged! As much as I would like to point out all the bad here, he is actually following all of the basics which will lead to making money. So even though at first glance you may think “moron”, he is actually doing everything right! I ran into this video, so that should tell you enough right there. Just browse around his videos as well as website and you will see what it takes and it isn’t much 🙂 hope is in the air!

Our Thoughts And Review On Clickbank

Is Clickbank The Way To  Go?

Even if you are new to online marketing, you would  have to be living under a rock to have not heard of Clickbank. The online giant of promoting others products really. So many programs tell you to make a site, go out and just market Clickbank products on your site and you will make $$$. Is this true. Well, yes and no. They just give you a general idea, but if you don’t implement it correctly, than you will get NO sales. As most things are, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Lets go a little deeper as this is a trap I fell into in the beginning as well.

  1. Find a market first! Most people like myself would go look through the products first and then go try and build a website around that product. As this may work sometimes, most of the time 100 other people are doing the same thing for the exact same product! So unless you are a super SEO, your going to have a horrible uphill battle. Instead, look for niches where there is a demand and little competition. Use google keyword tool and do some research first.
  2. Look at more than just Clickbank! There are tons of affiliate marketers out there, not just Clickbank! In fact, if you can go straight to a source and get affiliate, that is the absolute best route. If not, just google your keyword and “affiliate sites”. you will come up with a host of options other people might not be considering and you may be one of very few offering your product. Why battle the pros?!
  3. Write honest and good content! You now have a product and you know what people are looking for, so give it to them! I would write 50 blog posts on every product you want to offer and link them all to that product. I would also make a youtube video for every post! Yes this is work, but this is how you make money.

These are just a few examples that I see so many people not follow. There are simple, but you need to start with simple. Everything doesn’t need to be complex. Once you get a few sale s and start getting the hang of things, then go out and get complex if you wish. Just start off simple so you can make a little money and feel good.

One Of The Best Marketers On The Planet

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez breaks down what you need to know to make a million dollars. You can’t just have a good idea these days, you need to get out and let it be known to the world. This is a great video especially if you have never heard of Tai. Having come from only having $47 and sleeping on a friends couch, Tai has created multi million dollar businesses for the last 5-10 years and helps others create wealth for themselves. Watch the video and leave your comments below.