The Best Portland Oregon Marketing Agencies We Have Found

By Michelle Madrigal

As a marketing blog, we would like to go over the best marketing agencies we have found in Portland Oregon which is where we live, so it just make sense. At the top of our list is Oregon Web Solutions. Now you may ask why we are promoting a random marketing company? Well, we use them! I don’t want to beat around the bush with it, but they help us and give us a great experience so why not share that good with others right?

Let me give you an introduction:

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO, was founded by Matt and Seth who are life long Oregon residents. They grew up in the “computer generation” and have always dabbled in online marketing for about 15 years. After go through extensive training from some of the worlds best search engine marketers, they formed Oregon Web Solutions. In a matter of 10 months they had proven themselves to be more proficient in marketing and online rankings then companies in the area that had been around for 15 years. That has got to be humbling for those companies! They are also friendly and easy to work with.

Here is one of their videos:

How did we find them:

People tend to make finding a great marketing company harder than it needs to be. In our case, we Googled our area and what we wanted “Portland SEO” and then looked at the results. The best will show up first as that is their job. Surprisingly to readers, Oregon Web was not number 1, they were number 2. Why did we chose them you might ask, they answered their phone (personally) They lived in Oregon (unlike a lot of other companies) and it just felt right. Honestly any of the top 3 were probably a safe bet. Outside of the top 3 you might save money, but will you get results? I din’t want to question that one.

The process:

Basically, after we decided, we got in contact with Seth, filled out their discovery form, signed an agreement,  then filled out an intake form with all the necessary information they need to start helping and ranking us for the terms we really wanted to bring in more new traffic for our product. After that we got daily updates of rankings for the terms we wanted.

Pros and Cons:

Even though we work with them, there is always good and bad so lets take a look.


  • They can rank anything! They really are that good.
  • They are honest! I personally appreciate this one.
  • They Do what they say.
  • They are fair. They tend to go above and beyond for us in what they deliver!
  • They get results. In the end, this is what matters most.
  • They are real! If I ever have a question I talk straight to Seth and have even met them in person.


  • Not inexpensive! With quality comes cost, they may not be for everyone.
  • They are busy! You may not even get a chance to work with they as they limit their clients to keep quality.


The point is that we are really happy with our decision. This is not always the case, but rather than share a horror story, we wanted to give out some positivity. Thank you Oregon Web Solutions! I do want to make a quick mention that you can also find them simply by searching google for Lake Oswego SEO or with their contact information below:

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO
1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 563-3028

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