The New Economy – Mobile Apps And Crowdfunding

Experts estimate that in the last 10 years we have seen more inventions and technologies that will dramatically change our lives than the previous 100. As technology improves the speed at which increases until we reach what some call the singularity. To some in the tech world, this is the foregone conclusion that eventually man will merge with machine and become a super power. Personally, I don’t buy into all that, but I do know that dramatic changes are afoot. In the last few years, technologies like Uber have totally revolutionized the transportation sector.

In the past, cab drivers were the primary mode of paid transportation and essentially had a lock on the market. When smartphone use becomes more commonplace, applications began revolutionizing the way we connect with one another. The Uber app essentially turns anyone with a working vehicle into a part or full-time cab driver. The way it works is you simply click on your Uber application saying you are available for pickups, people see you on the map, and if you are in their area they can choose to have you pick them up for a ride. A single smartphone app forever devastated the cab industry and will eventually lead to their demise.

crowdfundingThe crowdfunding space is set to experience a similar transformation as new platforms like SmashFund, promise to revolutionize the industry by combining the best aspects of social media and revenue generation. This new system allows users to create a social profile similar to Facebook, raise money like Go Fund Me, and make passive income by promoting the product. According to the experts, SmashFund has the real possibility of revolutionizing the way we raise and make money online. Travel websites like Air BNB have done the same for the hotel industry. Instead of millions of bedrooms, apartments, and houses sitting vacant around the United States, Air BNB connects tenants with potential renters for a fraction of the cost it would be for a hotel. At the same time, one of the biggest things people do on their smartphones is play video games. Games like Candy Crusher developed by a man named Rob Towles has millions of people per day clicking around their cell phone for no apparent reason. In fact, people will even pay money for online pixels, badges, rankings and more.

These new technologies are changing the way we interact with the world so dramatically that we might not recognize it in the next few years. If the rate of growth continues to increase then the majority of our jobs could be replaced by robots in the next 20 years. Many great philosophers over the years have repeated the quote that the only thing constant in this universe is change. Those that can most easily adapt to the change will prosper, while those who refuse to be changed will end up being left behind. Personally, I see the rate of growth and can only wonder how humanity will make it through this period of dramatic transformation. Then again, humanity has gone through great periods of change in the past and always seems to find a way to carry on. What is the future destiny of humanity? Are we destined to go to the stars or stay put on earth and live a sustainable lifestyle? Nobody really knows for sure, but I can tell you at the current trajectory it appears we are shooting for the stars. My biggest hope is that we can direct technology to be used for good instead of our own destruction. If humanity can harness technology properly, our destiny is limitless, and it’s very possible that we could be living on space colonies on the moon within the next 100 years. CEO Rob Towles believes that anything in this life is possible!

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