Our Thoughts And Review On Clickbank

Is Clickbank The Way To  Go?

Even if you are new to online marketing, you would  have to be living under a rock to have not heard of Clickbank. The online giant of promoting others products really. So many programs tell you to make a site, go out and just market Clickbank products on your site and you will make $$$. Is this true. Well, yes and no. They just give you a general idea, but if you don’t implement it correctly, than you will get NO sales. As most things are, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Lets go a little deeper as this is a trap I fell into in the beginning as well.

  1. Find a market first! Most people like myself would go look through the products first and then go try and build a website around that product. As this may work sometimes, most of the time 100 other people are doing the same thing for the exact same product! So unless you are a super SEO, your going to have a horrible uphill battle. Instead, look for niches where there is a demand and little competition. Use google keyword tool and do some research first.
  2. Look at more than just Clickbank! There are tons of affiliate marketers out there, not just Clickbank! In fact, if you can go straight to a source and get affiliate, that is the absolute best route. If not, just google your keyword and “affiliate sites”. you will come up with a host of options other people might not be considering and you may be one of very few offering your product. Why battle the pros?!
  3. Write honest and good content! You now have a product and you know what people are looking for, so give it to them! I would write 50 blog posts on every product you want to offer and link them all to that product. I would also make a youtube video for every post! Yes this is work, but this is how you make money.

These are just a few examples that I see so many people not follow. There are simple, but you need to start with simple. Everything doesn’t need to be complex. Once you get a few sale s and start getting the hang of things, then go out and get complex if you wish. Just start off simple so you can make a little money and feel good.